The book WHO SHOT THE SCHOOL BOARD? tells the story of seven fictitious members of a local school board. The story has something for everyone. It has all the isms: racism, sexism, favoritism.

The story has all today’s hot and trending topics: government corruption, larceny, murder, gay, lesbian and transsexual struggles, transgender bathrooms in elementary school, undocumented school children, adolescent alienation, young adult love stories, suicide, guns and drugs on school property, seniors who have to pay high school taxes even though they don’t have kids in school, regular education parents versus special education parents, girls on boys’ sport teams.

WHO SHOT THE SCHOOL BOARD? is filled with suspense. It’s a fast read and has more twists than a pretzel.

This school board is terribly divided even before they are elected. Alliances formed during the campaign are tentatively formed and the air is filled with fevered tension as the seven board members take their seats on the board. The campaign was dirty and shocking and now revenge is in the air.

A respected literary agent in Manhattan wrote:

“Your novel WHO SHOT THE SCHOOL BOARD? delivers on its promise to excite, shock and engage the readers. Using good guy protagonist Tom Foster, the story tackles important and timely topics especially relevant in today’s political climate.

“Taking a stab at corrupt politicians and school administrators while you incorporate suspense, racial issues, and touching love stories, your novel envelopes a new and compelling topic that has yet to be written about. Told through multiple characters WHO SHOT THE SCHOOL BOARD? provides a wide array of perspectives on controversial issues.”

The book’s plot centers around the seven members on a fictitious school board.  The board is divided, not between young and old, or black and white; rather the division is caused by lust, greed and gluttony.

The characters are well-developed and the reader becomes invested in their success.  Early readers love the characters, the unfolding story lines and they don’t want the novel to end.