Readers Comments

“I am fifty years old and I never cried reading a book until now.”
Hope, NYC

“The story has more twists than a pretzel.”
Frank, MI

“The tormented Salvadorian refugee, Luis Gomez, made my heart break reading what he went through at the hands evil of individuals on his way from Central America.”  
Mike, NYC

“Felicia Estes told everyone Bunny Krouse services her kids’ principals each September.  I believe it because I’ve seen it.”  
Rona, NJ

“I loved Mary, the older executive, who pushed hard for women to gain equality in the workplace.  She continued even after she retired.”  
Jenn, NC

“If you have a strong stomach, read how Mrs. O’Brien, a special education mom, gets publicly humiliated when she asks the school board for help with her 13-year old daughter who is being groped by the boys in her school.”
Liz, FL

“Become enraged when black pastor, Jonas Thompson, is denied the right to speak at the public school board meeting by an all-white board and demeaned by an all-white audience.”
Josh, NY

“Fall in love with Tom Foster, 26, and the nicest, sexiest Brad Pitt look-a-like in town or his best friend, Jeremy, a young Denzel mirror image.”
Ashley, NJ

“My school taxes are supporting sluts, sinners and creeps in public office.”
Amanda, MI

“Watch out for people who say, ‘We are only out for the children.”
Madison, VA

“I don’t know who to explain it, but I felt content when I finished the book.”
Melissa, CO

“The characters became real and I wanted them to be my friends after I finished reading the book”
Phyllis, NC

“I laughed, I cried, I cursed.  I enjoyed the read a lot.”
“I can’t believe you combined Grisham, King and Patterson.  I know you didn’t plan on it, but you did it.”  
Jim, CA

“Did Scholastic really ban it?”
Phil, MA

“Jeremy is Black.  Theresa is white.  Theresa’s father, Lou, went bat-shit crazy when he found out they were hooking up.  Sounds like my hometown.”  
Rebeca, PA

“I dreamed that Tom Foster is a Brad Pitt double then I read in the book he was.”  
Rita, MA

“I loved creepy, crazy Eddie.”   
Talia, FL

“I never knew disgusting people like this existed, never mind in schools.”
Ellie, SD

“I read WHO SHOT THE SCHOOL BOARD? on the Red Eye to LA; so riveted, I didn’t realize the plane landed!”
Phil, ME